PS5 Releases November 12th, $499 Disc & $399 Digital


Sony has finally revealed the price and release date for the PS5.

The new console will launch on Thursday, November 12th in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. It’ll release on November 19th in all other territories.

The digital only version will cost $399 while the version with a disc drive will retail for $499.

As of this posting there is still no word on when pre-orders will begin.

Smith’s Sentiment: A lot of folks feared they’d go beyond $499, for whatever reason, but now we know the full PS5 will cost the same as an Xbox Series X so no one has the advantage in that regard. Of course Microsoft does have a slightly less powerful version in the Xbox Series S that will cost $299 which is certainly an enticing offer for a lot of folks.

I’m hoping to get a full version pre-ordered. As much as I like digital, and most of the games I play now on PS4 are digital, I’ll always like having the option to pick up a game in physical form in some bargain bin or on sale at Amazon. Still $100 less for only losing the option to play disc games is pretty tempting.