PS5 Pre-Orders Have Begun, Here’s Where To Get Them [UPDATED]


UPDATE 9/17 – Wal-Mart will have more PS5’s available to pre-order TONIGHT at 9pm ET.

UPDATE! – Pre-orders went live today. First Wal-Mart, then Target, then Best Buy and GameStop, then finally Amazon. Each sold out quickly. Best Buy struggled for hours to even let folks check out. A link got tweeted out and it sold out on Amazon before it was even officially available. So much for “tomorrow” and “you’ll have plenty of warning.”

If you didn’t manage to get one, please don’t rush to eBay to over pay on one of the many available at absurd prices. More units will be made available for pre-order at outlets for their actual retail price. You will be able to get one at some point without over paying.

Use the site below to become aware of any availability. Turn on the alarm, set up an alert.


You can also sign up on Amazon to be notified of when it comes back in stock. Note that Amazon link is an affiliate link, so if you use it while the system is in stock you will be freely helping to support the site.

ORIGINAL: We now know the price and release date for the PS5. As announced during the Showcase today, the new console will launch on November 12th here in the US for $499 (disc version) and $399 (digital version).

The missing part of the puzzle was WHEN would we be able to pre-order. While it wasn’t announced during the stream, Sony has published an article on the Official PlayStation Blog that says pre-orders will start as early as tomorrow (thanks for the heads up!).

“Pre-orders will be available starting as early as tomorrow at select retailers, so please check with your local retailer.”

And what about the “non-local retailers”, like say Amazon or any online outlet? Who knows, for a company that said folks would have ample warning, it seems like they’re going out of their way now to create confusion.