Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers Changing Weekly Challenge Reset, 22 Free Challenge Points

Crystal Dynamics Community Manager Meagan Marie popped up on the Play Avengers sub-Reddit today to give an update on a change to the Weekly Challenge Reset:

“Based on your feedback, we are moving to a single global content refresh and challenge reset time and day. Starting with our upcoming V1.3.0 patch (anticipated by the end of the week), challenges will reset every Thursday at 10:00 AM PT. For this week, you can keep any challenge points earned now and V1.3.0. As a token of our appreciation we will provide 22 challenge points per hero to all players who have logged in prior to the refresh to account for the shortened challenge period. These points will be available to claim after V1.3.0 drops until Thursday the 24th at 10:00 AM PT.”

So, hop in and earn some challenge points prior to V1.3.0 and also get 22 free Challenge Points per hero for logging in prior to the reset.

She went on to state that the team is “working on some clarification around loot as asked for,” and they hope to have that out by the end of the week as well.

Smith’s Sentiment: I like this change. Having a single global refresh is definitely the best way to go, so this is a good and needed change quite frankly. This change will page the way for us to start doing a Avengers Weekly post like the Destiny Weekly one. Looking forward to the big 1.3.0 update and the clarification around loot as well. If you aren’t playing Marvel’s Avengers, I recommend it as I’m having a ton of fun with it.

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