Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2020

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 Releases September 25th

Canuck Play have announced the release date of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020.

The college football game, which also has Canadian Rules, will release on Friday, September 25th and will cost $29.99. The game will be on PS4 and Xbox One.

This year’s version features a lot of upgrades and improvements, including a brand new Design A Play mode with the ability to also create your own playbook.

Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2020 Screenshot 01

Unity Partnership – Unique partnership with Unity to enhance the core infrastructure of the game, featuring improvements to the following areas: game performance (framerate), lighting system, player movement, object avoidance, and custom receiver animations.

Dynasty Mode 2.0 – Player awards, conference championships, player transfers, new Bowl games, updated depth chart screen, faster simulation engine, diverse play calling (giving each team a new identity), enhanced accuracy in recruit generation (including height and weight), detailed recruit commitments and player suspensions, and much more!

More Customization – College teams added to Play Now, new 32 team league added to Play Now and Season Mode, brand new customization hub, easy color picker based upon team’s primary and secondary colors, and additional stock logos.

Play Designer – Full play designer for offense and defense. Implement standard playbook strategies with receiver route trees, read progressions, play action, run types, man and zone coverage, blitz packages, QB spy, and even set player motion.

Custom Controls – Map your own buttons! Customize your on-field game controls to get a familiar feel or a brand new one.

Community Feedback Gameplay – Improved linemen interaction, expanded defensive AI, new passing game (including more tipped passes and more aggressive DBs), faster QB animations, and improved handoff speed to running back.

Maximum Football Sim League – Take the role of a recruit, player, coach, or team owner in the brand new official Maximum Football Sim League. This unique web based community will give you the chance to participate in a living football universe. The league will be launching in Q4 2020 with simulations using Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020. Interested in learning more about the sim league? Get alerted about updates and registration at

Smith’s Sentiment: Madden is taking a beat with overall player perception of the franchise the lowest it has been. We all know college football is better than NFL, so this might be the year you want to look to alternative football game that isn’t made by EA Sports. Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 is looking like the series is taking a huge step forward, and this is hopefully the year college football returns to consoles in a big way (albeit not officially licensed, but that’s why you can customize stuff).

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