Marvel’s Avengers Will Have A 18GB Day One Patch


Marvel’s Avengers promises to be a huge game with a lot of content, and it will be 90GB install on PS4. In a blog post on the Square Enix Avengers site, it’s been revealed that the game will also have a 18GB update on day one.

From the post:

The Day One Patch includes several updates and refinements that are required for play. Additionally, the patch includes localization files for the game’s dialogue, which are quite extensive, as we are localizing Marvel’s Avengers in 15 different languages.

The Day One Patch is also important as it includes lots of fixes, feedback, updates, and tuning from our Beta weekends. Over the last three weekends, millions of you have played the game for tens of millions of hours and killed hundreds of millions of AIM enemies. Your participation has been of immense value to us as we work to squash bugs, tune performance, and finalize game balance. We hope you will see and feel it when you play the final game!

So be prepared, that’s a lot to download particularly if you’re going the all digital route.

The game should be available to pre-load on August 30, and for those with 72 hours early access, the servers will go live with a rolling midnight release on September 1st on consoles and at 11am CT on PC and Stadia.

The blog post also showcases exactly what all you will be getting when the servers go live:

We’ll have our early impressions of the full game up early next week, and should have a full review out later in the month of September.