Season of Arrivals Iron Banner Console God Roll Weapon Guide – The Fool’s Remedy


Season of Arrivals, Destiny 2’s 11th season, features eight weapons in the Iron Banner loot pool. Two of these weapons are reprised weapons from the game’s first year, returning to us for the first time with random rolls.  The other six are reissued weapons that will have a max power cap of 1360, meaning they’ll be good for the next year.

This will be the first of our god roll guides for these eight weapons. Note that this guide is specifically intended for the players that are on PS4 or Xbox One, or use a controller to play PC/Stadia (though the guide is mainly intended for console).

The first Iron Banner of this season begins this Tuesday, June 30th. Over the next few days, and into the event, I’ll be posting a guide for the “god roll,” or at least what I personally consider the god roll, for each weapon.

We’re starting it off with The Fool’s Remedy.

This is a Suros Rapid Fire Solar Energy Sidearm.

Suros Rapid Fire frame features Full Auto with deeper ammo reserves, and reloads faster when the magazine is empty.

Going into the next year, this is the only Suros Rapid Fire sidearm that will be viable that is currently in the game. The Dead Man Walking from Forges will be sunsetted, and the other year one guns have yet to be reissued with random rolls.

These weapons are great in both PvE and PvP, so this is definitely one worth farming for.

In PvP, you’re looking at a 0.67 optimal time-to-kill with 5 crits 1 body. It’s body shot time-to-kill is very good at 0.93, requiring 8 body shots. These weapons do a base of 34 crit damage and 24 body damage.

The Fool’s Remedy can drop with the new Iron Banner exclusive perks Iron Grip and Iron Gaze in the final perk row. Grip gives a +20 to Stability and a -40 to reload speed, while Gaze gives a -40 to range and a +20 to aim assistance.

As a reminder, this is a console/controller guide. With that said, the “god roll” that I will be farming for and think you should as well is:

Personal god roll choice listed first, acceptable alternative listed second.

So the roll I want on PS4 is Control SAS, Ricochet Rounds, Feeding Frenzy, Kill Clip with a Range Masterwork.

Like hand cannons on console, I favor stability over range. A meter in game is pratically nothing, and being able to extend your range a few meters isn’t going to make a tremendous difference. The range masterwork would suffice for me. With that said, I wouldn’t be angry if got Range Finger in the final node by any means.

Without having ever used one before, I don’t know why you’d want either of the Iron perks, especially for this sidearm. Iron Grip could be worth it if paired with Feeding Frenzy, or even without it since I main a hunter running Dragon’s Shadow. Iron Gaze would probably be an instashard though; -40 range to a gun that only has a base of 34 is a yikes.

I love sidearms in both PvE and PvP, and from my experiences they are wildly slept on on console. Way too many people think they need to run around with a special weapon, especially shotguns, and well sidearms are really strong against shotguns.

With a gun like this, you can just hold the trigger and get eight body shots with relative ease. Kill clip’s gonna up that damage, and I always rock, and recommend you do as well, a build where I can get Charged With Light with High Energy Fire for that increased damage while you’re charged.

The recoil of this is really good, so definitely don’t use a Counterbalance mod on it. While I wouldn’t mind the aim assist being a little higher, I also wouldn’t recommend rocking a Target Adjuster mod over a Backup Mag.

I believe this is going to be a really strong option in PvP (and PvE as well) on console, and so I highly recommend grinding out Iron Banner when it becomes available and try and secure at least a decent roll on The Fool’s Remedy.

We don’t know what the loot pool will be like for Iron Banner next season. Hopefully there’ll be entirely new weapons to chase, and if that’s the case, this could be your only season to acquire The Fool’s Remedy.

Skill Based Match Making is no longer a thing in Iron Banner, so jump in and get to grinding.