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Trials of Osiris Returns In Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

The Destiny community has completed all seven stages of the Empyrean Foundation event, and with the milestone completion Bungie has released a new Developer Insight video for Season of the Worthy officially announce that Trials is returning to Destiny 2.

It’s not Trials of the Nine, as was the weekend PvP endgame experience during Destiny 2’s first year, but good old Trials of Osiris… the pinnacle PvP experience that launched in the first game in May 2015 and helped keep Destiny in the top games played on Twitch for pretty much the rest of the original game’s lifespan.

Watch the video below:

Trials of Osiris will launch on March 13th, and with it comes THREE returning maps from Destiny 1: Cauldron, Exodus Blue, and Anomaly.

The original Trials of Osiris armor from D1 is returning as well, and when player’s go Flawless for the week the armor will glow to let everyone know.

It seems power is enabled AND the artifact levels will count, which is going to lead to an absolute mess and will probably be changed at some point. It’s not going to take long for the dedicated PvP crowd to complain about the folks grinding bounties in lost sectors having a clear advantage over them. Power needs to be hard capped.

Saint 14 will serve as the announcer for Trials matches.

Season of the Worthy begins on March 10th.

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