Lexi Walker The Prayer

Worth Watching Wednesday: The Prayer by Lexi Walker & Jenny Oaks Baker

We’re starting a new Wednesday feature/spotlight here on Vortainment.com called Worth Watching Wednesday.

Each Wednesday, we’ll pull a video from somewhere on the Internet (most likely YouTube) that’s worth watching. Why? Because there’s a lot of trash on TV and the Internet, and sometimes the good stuff doesn’t get the amount of views it deserves.

The videos spotlighted will be anything from comedy videos to speeches, and everything in between. The only rule being that the videos have to be uplifting, positive, wholesome, or inspirational. The only exception to the rule being prank videos, which have to be harmless (i.e. silly stuff where the people doing the video embarrass themselves, not try to hurt others).

With that out of the way, we kickstart this feature with a music video for The Prayer performed by Lexi Walker and Jenny Oaks Baker.

I’ve said in the past that I’m not a real big music person. That’s mostly because I think the music today, and for the past decade plus, sucks. Or at least the mainstream, popular music.

I usually stick with stuff from the 40s through early 60s; Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Louis Armstrong, etc.  I’ve recently discovered some modern stuff that I like though.

Last week, I was watching prank videos on YouTube. Mostly JStuStudios videos because they’re the best at it with clean, good natured silly stuff. One of the videos that came up was “Surprise Secret Santa.”

That caused YouTube to recommend a compilation of Secret Santa vids from 2017 from East Idaho News. Of course I watched it because I love stuff like that.

In that compilation, a mother of three kids who have a rare medical condition was  given some money from the secret Santa and also surprised by a visit from a beautiful young lady whom I had never heard of. That would be Lexi Walker, who’s only 17 (was 15 in the video above and the secret Santa one), and has probably the best voice I’ve ever heard. God gave this girl a tremendous gift; if I were to imagine an angel singing, her singing is what I would think it’d sound like.

In being floored by her voice, I of course sought out her music and that led me to the video above for The Prayer, which also introduced me to Jenny Oaks Baker. I enjoy classical music, music with a good violin, and this woman is phenomenal. The two of them together, amazing.

It’s sad that this stuff isn’t more popular; the video above only a little over 650,000 views (which is good, but nowhere near where it should be), and the Billboard is topped with absolute garbage.

If you haven’t yet, watch the video for The Prayer above and enjoy about as close to perfection as you’re going to find. As a bonus, I mentioned liking Louis Armstrong and one of my favorite songs of his is What A Wonderful World. Click the play button below to listen to Lexi sing that one the best its ever been sung.

For more Lexi Walker hit up the following sites:

For more from Jenny Oaks Baker, visit:

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