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Luke Smith Has Final Words Before Shadowkeep Launch

The wait is almost over. Tomorrow at noon Central, Shadowkeep launches. New Light becomes available for all for free. Season of the Undying begins. And fundamentally, Destiny shifts and begins evolving towards its ultimate Destiny.

We have one more sleep to go, but before we can dive into all the new content coming tomorrow and the weeks ahead, Franchise Director Luke Smith has taken to to give us some final words:


Five years ago, we began a journey together (and for some of us at Bungie, many years before that when Destiny was just an idea). There have been great, unbelievable days and dark, dark days (I won’t repeat myself, but the closing of Director’s Cut, Pt. 3 touches on it), and in five years, A LOT has changed from September 9, 2014 – you, me, the Bungie team, Destiny, and the world.

During 2019, we’ve developed and shared a clarity of vision we’ve never had before in Destiny. We’re finally going to make the Destiny 2 we’ve always wanted to make—one world that you and your friends are going to meaningfully change and make memories in. This year, our team has felt the full weight of what we’re responsible for (even on your worst days in the game, no one is harder on us than ourselves). But we now have a unified purpose. A calling.

October 1st is the first step toward what we want Destiny 2 to become. Everything we’re doing this fall is more than just any one part – it is Destiny 2 fundamentally evolving and in some ways starting new. It’s Shadowkeep, it’s New Light, it’s Cross Save, it’s you, me, and our friends together. It’s all of it.

This isn’t just the next chapter of Destiny 2, but the next chapter of us.

Tomorrow, that journey begins again for all of us and many, many others. These past few months have been awesome with you. Thanks for being the bright points of light shining in the night. You are Destiny’s stars. Be that light for the new Guardians wandering around the Tower, soloing a public event, dropping into Crucible for the first time, or trying to learn Raid mechanics you can do with your eyes shut. We were all Kinderguardians once.

Let’s help each other, make some memories, and head back to the Moon and see what’s been going on there for the last five years. It’s weird to say five years in, but given the year we’ve had: we’re just getting started.

See you soon.

Luke Smith

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