Anthem BioWare game

Watch The Anthem Launch Trailer

BioWare has released the launch trailer for Anthem and you can check it out below.

Anthem launches on February 22nd, but Origin Access Premier subscribers get full access to the game next Friday, February 15th. Meanwhile basic Origin Access and EA Access subscribers on Xbox One will get to play the game for 10 hours beginning on the 15th as well.

Because Sony doesn’t allow EA Access on their platform, PS4 owners have to wait until the 22nd to start playing.

Patriot’s Ponderings: I really enjoyed the demos. Shaping up to be a great game, and I’m looking forward to jumping into as soon as it is available on PS4 (digital pre-order). I’m a little disappointed that BioWare isn’t caving on opening up FreePlay and Strongholds to allow private games, but coming out of the demo that was my only real complaint and I suppose that is ultimately minor. Still, I do hope they allow that sometime after release, because I do think that’s going to be something the community is going to loudly continue to ask for and rightfully so.

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