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Give Respawn Their Virtue Points, Apex Legends Is Diverse

Respawn Entertainment and EA announced and released free-to-play FPS battle-royale Apex Legends on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as a surprise on Monday. To their credit, and to EA’s relief (at least temporarily), the game has been a massive hit in its first few days. Over 10 million people have played the game, it surpassed the 1 million concurrent players milestone, and has been sitting pretty on Twitch as the top watched game frequently.

This is an EA game though, and it’s 2019, so is it any surprise that Apex Legends is pushing one of the darling, cornerstone agendas of social justice… diversity?

Apex Legends has eight hero characters for players to choose from:

Apex Legends Character Roster

Our diverse lineup is made up of 25% black females, 25% “POC” males, and 12.5% each for white female, toxic white male, robot, and an it. Is that a problem? No, of course not, but interesting breakdown nonetheless given the SJW obsession with “promoting diversity” by having fewer white male characters. In more praised diversity fashion, and the more focal point of this piece, 25% of the roster is confirmed by Respawn to be LGBTQ+.

Should any of this need to be a talking point considering its a game without a story and without character development? No, but that hasn’t stopped outlets from giving Respawn their virtue points by highlighting the diversity:

Respawn Confirms Some Apex Legends Heroes Are LBGTQ (Game Informer)
Apex Legends: Two Playable Characters Are LGBTQ, Says EA (IGN)
Respawn reveals that two of Apex Legends’ characters are LGBTQ (Dexerto)
Sadly, It’s Surprising That There Are Two Black Women In Apex Legends (Kotaku)
Can we talk about diversity in the roster of Apex Legends? I really like it and seems like a good example. (ResetEra)

Our friend Gibraltar is a homosexual male. Bloodhound is non-binary, he/she/ze/they/it that doesn’t identify with a gender. For some reason, EA and Respawn think players should know this. They wanted to get out in front of it at the beginning, rather than pull an Overwatch and claim a character as gay after a couple of years.

My question, besides why would anyone care, is why does any of these characters need a sexual preference? There’s no story, there’s no developing the characters, there’s no romance… there’s literally no reason for any of these characters to be labeled straight, gay, or bi. There’s literally no reason for anyone to care or consider what these fictional characters are into.

“But, but muh representation!”

If you can’t enjoy something without somehow being represented in it, you need mental help.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t matter because there’s no story and almost no one cares for the characters backgrounds, there’s no denying that this was all intentionally done by Respawn/EA for the sole purpose of promoting the agenda and scoring those virtue points so many companies crave from the extremely loud and obnoxious minority of loonies on places like Tumblr, Twitter, and of course the cess-pool that is ResetEra. Apex Legends is woke.

I mean just look at this nonsense from members of ResetEra and you’ll know why this is a thing and why it should be praised. Let’s go through a few of them!

Black women making up 1/4th of the cast out of the gate makes me happy, but the designs themselves are a little generic and uninspired. OW ain’t sweatin yet.

Will 25% of the playerbase be black women? I’m gonna guess no, seems like over-representation to make far left loons “happy.”

Still no athletic overweight woman though.

No matter how diverse, it’s never good enough.

Battle Royale games don’t appeal to me, but really glad that this is the case. The more diversity in games, the better.

Let’s be honest here. This game could feature entirely white characters and would be more diverse than it actually is. Thats’ not the type of diversity people like this care about though.

I think the designs are great and love the diversity. I noticed it almost immediately. Lifeline is the best.

+5 Virtue Points

It’s super cool. I love how the ‘default’ traditional soldier class (Bangalore) is a POC woman. Good job Respawn.

This also relates to the classes. I like the fact that the badass soldier character is a black female with a menacing look and some very non-friendly finishing moves.

What’s up with this fetish for black female soldiers that these people have?

Personally, I think it’s a cop-out to not show a non-binary person’s face, but I’ll take what rep I can get…

Respawn probably just worried that people would insult the non-binary character by referring to they as the gender most people would assume by seeing the face. It’s very important not to misgender someone by using incorrect pronouns.

I’ll have to point out also that there is no sexualization whatsoever… While the base designs look a bit plain, legendary skins are pretty pretty sweet and very little skin to be seen.

I’ll never understand why these types of people feel it so important that characters have sexuality in terms of their sexual preference, but yet female characters should never be overly feminine or must always be covered. Where’s the representation for our strong, proud big busted friends who are skilled at murdering folks while showing some skin?

Only one white male and his power is being toxic. Damn…

At least it was recognized.

I love the fact that they didn’t take 3 years or multiple PR scandals to have sexual, gender and color diversity, no tearful letters to fans here and there, no marketing push on “this is for everyone”, and didn’t need some stereotypes like the building dwarf or the aryan looking angel. The cover doesn’t even feature European descendants. Perfect.

How out of touch is this person? And why is is okay for everyone to have a disdain for “European descendants?” Europe being a highly diverse continent, more so than anywhere else.

So no indian or Asian characters. Aka 35% of the world Dope. American Diversity!

This person has a point. I’d say most of the insane leftists paint Asians with the same brush they paint whites. These are the type of people that would lump Asians in with whiteness, not enough color for them. Actual diversity shouldn’t matter, all that matters to these people is over-representation of “POC.”

I saw a great tweet earlier that pointed out that the current top meta requires dudebros to play either a nonbinary person, one of two black women, or a gay dude. I’ll take a quiet victory at this point.

I’ll end on this one, because as of this writing that thread goes on for six pages of this nonsense.

Here’s the thing these unhinged far left pyschos don’t understand. The average person playing the game, the “dudebros,” don’t care if the character is a black woman, a gay black dude, or some faceless “nonbinary person.” Nor should they. Most of us aren’t seeking self-esteem by looking for unrealistic characters to represent us in a video game. Most of us don’t project ourselves into the character or see the character as a representation of the real player.

It’s a first person shooter without a story, it’s not a hardcore role-playing game. I’m a straight white male, never had a problem playing a game as a female, as a black character, an alien, a robot, an animal, or any other person/object. Most gamers don’t. I’ve never personally known anyone who didn’t play a game they were interested in because the playable character was female/black/gay/whatever.

The only group of people who ever care or have a problem with the race or sex of a playable character is unhinged Marxists and feminazis who get triggered when its a “generic white male” or a “sexualized female designed by men for a male audience.”

This is a simple fact. Most of us just don’t care. You can take dudebros playing as these characters as some sort of victory all you want, but they don’t care. They’re choosing the characters based on the skills and playstyle, they’re not trying to seek representation or project themselves into the game. You see two black women, a gay dude, and a nonbinary person because you’re a zombie SJW… most of the playerbase just sees a character with a cool skillset or playstyle they like.

The important thing is that a lot of people seem to be enjoying this game and Respawn deserves credit for developing what is being heavily praised as fun and innovative while also managing to have lootboxes that aren’t sending people into fits of rage. I haven’t played it and I’m not going to. That’s not because of the pushing of the agenda, I don’t care about any of these characters, but rather because I don’t play BR’s. It’s not a genre that appeals to me, and I’m not a big PvP guy anyway.

But the way this is going, you just know one of the next heroes to be introduced is going to be a trans-girl and the mainstream gaming outlets and places like ResetEra will rush to praise it as the most awesome thing to ever happen in gaming.

Respawn has a good thing going now, but while most of us don’t care, it’s the sort of thing that people aren’t going to stand to have shoved down their throats repeatedly. Apex Legends is woke, but right now Respawn themselves aren’t beating players over the head with the fact that one of these characters is gay and another nonbinary and thus no one really cares. If that changes, and it’s EA so it probably will at some point… as the saying goes, “get woke, go broke.”

2 thoughts on “Give Respawn Their Virtue Points, Apex Legends Is Diverse”

  1. Gary fellow gamer I was hearing about the game. Had enjoyed the fun of Fortnite with all the dance and cartoonish action (in a good way). So I download and start the lovechild EA game of Overwatch (first person, Rpg) and Fortnite (battle royale). I’m Asian just to note. The player select screen is like what you have said. Ok it’s black vs white, but what about Asians or Hispanics. I mean the game is early with limited selection but seeing a happy curvy Asian woman in Overwatch is refreshing. Imagine if Ryu is black, Johnny Cage is black, Chun li is Hispanic, Lara Croft is Asian cause I just want to play a game. Toxic white guy ok I think that should make all non white gamers happy? no. Seeing two good looking black women ok cool like Lara being a normal looking white woman but just one problem: reality check curvy black women don’t exist in this game. After reading my comment possibly (maybe) EA update: make a curvy woman ( I really don’t care what race cause curvy women exist and look fine), probably make a white adult boy. So far I don’t see anyone worried and yes as a Asian I am not black or white but just Asian.


    1. Sorry to just clear up the it’s just ‘black vs white’ yes I saw other ethnicities. In metaphoric argument sake I said (black vs white). Let me point out ‘I’m Asian’.


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