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Bungie Details Changes Coming to Gambit in Season 5

Bungie posted the latest This Week At Bungie blog post today, and it contained some decent information for us Destiny 2 fans.

For starters, Season 5, the “Season of the Forge” begins as soon as Season 4 ends on Tuesday, November 27th. That week will be a “transisition” week as the new season will have begun and some changes will be live, but we’ll still be waiting for the Black Armory to drop the following week on December 4th.

When Season of the Forge begins on the 27th, Guardians can expect the following changes to Gambit to go live:
Gambit Bounties

      • Infamy Rank Point awards for all bounties have been doubled
      • Numerous dailies, daily challenges, and weeklies have had their objectives retuned to take less time and be easier to complete
      • A new bounty has been added to the daily rotation that requires Primeval envoy kills

Infamy Rewards

      • Subdivision rank-ups now award Gambit Legendary weapons or armor—goodbye blues!

Primeval Catch-Up Mechanics

      • Teams that summon their Primeval second can only ever receive one “catch-up” stack of Primeval Slayer. Previously, the trailing team would receive multiple stacks depending on how far behind they were. For instance, if the leading team had seven stacks of Primeval Slayer, when trailing team summoned they would receive four stacks. Now they will receive only one.

Ascendant Primeval

      • We identified (another) issue that was causing the Ascendant Primeval to not always award credit to the correct team when killed, and we fixed it.

Speaking of Gambit, the final week of Season 4 will give you a chance to earn 2x or 3x Infamy:

Double Infamy
Start: 9 AM PST, November 20, 2018
End: 9 AM PST, November 23, 2018

Triple Infamy
Start: 9 AM PST, November 23, 2018
End: TBD, November 27, 2018

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