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Mad Max: Fury Road Review

I saw this movie in 3D with my wife, who liked it far less than I did, feeling the movie was long on chase scenes and short on story. I say that up front for a little context, but personally I loved that the entire movie is just one long adrenaline rush.

The story was started on the run and kept running throughout. Theron’s character Furiosa has taken the powerful Warlord Joe’s (C’mon really, just Joe?) bevy of slave brides in one of his own customized eighteen wheeler war tank. Joe in turn gives chase with about a billion of his own vehicles, one of which has a Mr. Max Rockatansky strapped to the front as a hood ornament/blood bank.

The fun really begins when our main characters drive through a cloud of nuclear debris unleashing an unfathomable hellscape all the while exclaiming “What a beautiful day!”… Imagine the final chase/battle scene from the Road Warrior, and stretch that out to about two full hours and you have a pretty good idea for what you’re in store for here.

I can’t wait to go back and watch this in standard format, minus the distracting 3D (which I will admit still had some great moments in there…) and all that jazz.

Tom Hardy, while not the manic matinee idol that the young Gibson was very ably takes over the role.

The real star of the movie though is Charlize Theron whose character upstages “Mad Max” several times throughout the film. The “sexual politics” as other reviewers have called it of this film gives it a much more interesting and deeper level of appreciation, that thankfully most of us macho clunkheads can gleefully ignore as we watch scene after scene of badass looking demonic hot rods from hell crash and burn into each other.

The special effects as mentioned by others is done the old school way, light on CGI, heavy on stunts and actual custom made vehicles. I can only imagine how much the 12 year old version of me would have loved this.

The 29 year old me loved it a hell of a lot as it was. Bottom line, this is a maniacal ball of fun.

Mad Max: Fury Road gets a four out of five: GREAT.

4 Stars

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