That Awkward Moment
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That Awkward Moment Review

Imagine if Sex and the City had been written by gay women about straight men instead of by gay men about straight women.

Three best friends make a pact to not enter a relationship and just be tail chasing besties who share an apartment in New York City, but of course all of them wind up falling in love with one lady or another and their pact needlessly complicates what would otherwise be simple commonsense relationship progression.

It may be possible to combine the genres of raunch-com and rom-com and do it effectively. In fact it has been done successfully by movies such as “Knocked Up”.

This movie instead veers off the cliff straight into Chick Flick canyon. Of course my wife loved it, so it achieved half of its mission, but the attempt to take that heartwarming sentimentality and combine with tons of lewd dick jokes mixed about as well as the kind of people who enjoy the saccharine chick flicks and those who prefer the other kind of movie would mix in a party in real life.

That said the relationships here are mostly solidly built and all of the actors do their best with the material.

I was quite impressed with Zac Effron, who showed the potential to be a leading man in a better movie later on.

Still the movie’s basic constructions clips the wings of the actors, as cliché movie formulas abound left and right to conveniently solve those pesky problems created by real human interaction.

That Awkward Moment gets a one out of five: BAD.

1 Star

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