Inglourious Basterds
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Inglourious Basterds Review

This story takes place in Nazi occupied Paris, where a young and beautiful blonde cinema owner has been tasked with hosting a big event for the entire Third Reich. At the same time, a Dirty Dozen like crew of Allied Nazi Hunters lead by Brad Pitt are looking for a way to end the way, and think they might just have it with this coming movie spectacle.

Before Quentin Tarantino turned the horrors of slavery into a fun filled spaghetti western, he took the second World War and the holocaust and made it into a jazzy bit of juvenile snark of the type he has been perfecting since he began writing screenplays back in his days working at a video store. And what a fun bit of snark this is.

There of course those who will be offended at the nerve of such a film to begin with, but this is what movies have been doing since we first started making movies, taking huge (sometimes awful) abstract events and making them relatable and entertaining.

Brad Pitt has never been as entertaining to me in his entire career than he was in this movie, and also this was my introduction to Christoph Waltz, who now ranks among my top two or three living actors.

Tarantino’s dialogue can often suffer from being overly wordy and sometimes you can hear his voice through the mouths of multiple characters (less so in his better movies) but here in Waltz he has found an actor who can take those wordy manifestos and make them his own in a truly mesmerizing way, which again is probably why he retained his services for Django.

It takes a huge set of balls to make a movie like this, and it takes a reputation like Tarantino’s to get it made.

Inglourious Basterds gets a four out of five: GREAT.

4 Stars

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