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SJW Attacks Kingdom Come: Deliverance Over Historical Accuracy

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Another day, another SJW complaining about something and screaming racism. This time around it’s Lucia Taylor of  “New Normative,” a so-called “progressing gaming” site. I’m not going to link to the article directly, but you can find it from here.

It’s the kind of piece we can do a breakdown of though, kinda like the one we did here in regards to how sexist Super Mario Run apparently was. So let’s get straight to it then.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming out this month. That struck me as sort of weird, given that February is Black History Month, and Deliverance has failed utterly to include any people of color (PoC) in their white man power fantasy game.

It is indeed Black History Month in places like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I don’t believe its Black History Month in the Czech Republic where Warhorse Studios is, but shame on them for not considering delicate American (Canadian? I don’t know what she is) snowflakes feelings.

It’s sad that we’re only two sentences into this and this person has already used “PoC” and dissed the game as being a “white man power fantasy.”

For those who don’t know, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a hardcore RPG grounded in realism releasing on Tuesday. The game takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the early 15th century, set during the historically accurate Hussite Wars (a civil war).

You won’t find any historians who would argue there was any sizable African presence in Bohemia in the 15th century, so the notion that a studio looking to tell a story of their own country’s history “utterly failed to include” any black people is completely laughable given the historic context.

I know this is hard for many white SJW’s and feminists who think white folks (Europeans) have no culture, but medieval Europe wasn’t a “diverse” (in the modern non-white meaning anyway, Europe was actually very diverse) utopia.

Surely, a development team that touts itself as being dedicated to “historical accuracy” in their game would have done some simple research.

I like how she links to some “simple research” and it’s nothing but some article talking about Germans including blacks in their art and a “black diaspora in Germany” book. Of course the author couldn’t find any simple research detailing all the black knights running around Bohemia in the 1400’s.

Surely the head developer at Warhorse Studios would never have done something as skeezy as responding to valid criticisms with xenophobic tweets!

She didn’t link to any of these tweets, or even images of deleted tweets, so I can only assume this is some made up SJW thing.

She goes on to post pictures giving character advice to the developers of what a black knight, scholar, or merchant could like.

If medieval Europeans were so comfortable with depictions of PoC in their art, does that mean that PoC were a part of everyday life in the middle ages? Unfortunately, we don’t have strong evidence one way or the other. The fact is, we don’t have much evidence about any aspects of day-to-day in the middle ages.

It’s okay, you can say it. Medieval Europe was overwhelmingly made up of white Europeans. And the way she words this just screams “if we only had evidence medieval France was filled with black people, we could totally assume the same would be so for Bohemia.” It would be like saying, “because there were white people in Egypt, the Congo must’ve been filled with them too.” It’s absurd.

Warhorse and their rabid fanboys refuse to recognize that their assumption of “white until proven otherwise” is indeed an assumption.

Hey moron, it isn’t an assumption that white countries were filled with white people. It’s a fact. Until relatively recently, the majority of European nations where overwhelmingly white. Just as Africa was and is overwhelmingly black, and Asia is overwhelmingly Asian.

It’s a rather sweeping one at that, but it’s become privileged as centuries of white historians have nodded along.

Of course. It’s just white privilege to think that European countries were statistically almost entirely white.

Ultimately, Warhorse is going to stick to its racist guns, as are their fans.

You have to love that a group of developers in the Czech Republic make a historically accurate, realistic RPG set in their own land’s history, and some know it all white feminist in America (or Canada, or where-ever) screams racist at them for not having black characters in the game.

The true irony here though is that a non-racist person would play this game and never even think of race. There’s not a bunch of black gamers getting upset over a historically accurate Bohemian game being all white, it’s white liberals crying about it because to them everything (white) has to be racist and “multi-culturally diverse.”

This person would say nothing a game set in Africa that told the story of some 15th century African war and featured only black characters. She’d probably praise it as being a “diverse” game, and if it were a Triple A game it’d probably be game of the year on that basis alone.

The issue of representation in gaming won’t be solved by dialogues or articles on the internet.

Of course not, but they won’t stop your kind from whining and crying about everything that doesn’t cater to your incredibly ridiculous world view.

But I promised a solution.

Oh no, I bet I know what this is going to be.

A decent start though is to avoid buying games like Deliverance altogether.

I knew it! An SJW calling for a boycott, aren’t we all surprised? It must be current day (which is Rusev Day, just so you all know).

Even better, you can spend your money supporting games developed by PoC. 

Hey, this I support. Well in theory. It’d have to be a good game of course; I’m not an idiot that’ll buy a game just because it was developed by non-whites. People who want to be represented in any form of media should take it upon themselves to be the creator of that content and tell the stories they know. Tell the stories of their culture.

11 thoughts on “SJW Attacks Kingdom Come: Deliverance Over Historical Accuracy”

  1. The game is sexist and not based in historical accuracy at all.
    Women, especially in Europe and the northern countries, picked up swords and gutted men in a more gruesome manner than chickenlegs from America in many cases.
    It’s bothering me how this idiocracy is still spreading, that Women haven’t done shit in history, and it’s disgusting to still see it as some sort of “Fact” being puked out on the public.
    Women have done a FUCKLOAD of things in history, and men have often spat on it.
    See; Invention of Wifi, 5 women behind space study being taken credit by ONE man, etc.

    It’s disgusting.


    1. How is the game sexist? Because you can’t play as a woman or because none of the soldiers or bandits you meet are women?

      While there definitely were women soldiers, and even military commanders in Europe, they were not the norm. There’s just no evidence for it. That’s not to say that women in the time didn’t have a role in wars, they did, but let’s not pretend that women on large would’ve made up anything more than a small percentage of an armies soldiers. So small as to be statistically irrelevant.

      Moreover, what was happening in other European countries has no bearing on a game based in a very specific time in a part of a very specific country (the Kingdom of Bohemia). Now I’m not from the Czech Republic and I haven’t studied their history, but I’d imagine the developers who did consult with historians would’ve included any female warriors had their been any notable women soldiers during the time period.

      Of course women have done a lot of things throughout history. Making up large bulks of any nation’s fighting force hasn’t been one of them.


      1. Nay, women werent in charge at those times, almost never, till the WWI ((a little)) and with WWII and then uprise of communism.


        1. More accurate would be that they took part in fights. Regular women definitely no. Later some stood up against nazism and communism and paid the price – see Milada Horakova.


    2. “Women, especially in Europe and the northern countries, picked up swords and gutted men in a more gruesome manner than chickenlegs from America in many cases.” – Who? Apart from Jeanne d’Arc, I don´t know any woman who picked up a sword. There are some Viking sagas about shield-maidens (and one skeleton with unknown gender), but that´s it.

      “It’s bothering me how this idiocracy is still spreading, that Women haven’t done shit in history” – why do you bother? No one is telling that.

      “The game is sexist and not based in historical accuracy at all.” – Actually, it is depicting a sexist society, but that does not make the game itself sexist. And it definitely is historically accurate – measured by the standards of video games

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Youve been brainwashed by the snowflakes to think that women fought in war, this has never happened in any significant quantities, if you have ever done any research you would know this. The fact is females are biologically incapable of competing with men physically. On top of that women were too valuable to waste on the battlefield, and were sheltered from war. Your revisionist history is entirely untrue


    4. Excuse me, where are you from? In fifteenth century, only thing women did was taking care of their families, field work and slaving. Things were a but different yknow. Times change, yes, there was matriarchy in the ancient times, but kinda went away and about thirty years ago womens main work was family.


  2. I despise racism… what people are proposing for ‘inclusion’ amounts to historic revisionism that is far, FAR more dangerous in my opinion.

    The simple fact is that Bohemia in 1403 was not culturally diverse. Women were not given the same opportunities as men. In no way does this make racism or sexism ‘right’… they aren’t… but it does make this game accurate to history.

    Even if there were a handful of women that picked up swords… how many really? As a percentage. How common was this? How common was this in this part of Bohemia at the time this game covers?

    I think turning a medieval European setting into a rainbow coalition of all races and genders and religions gathered around the campfire singing Cumbaya in 1403 is dangerous. It distorts the reality of that time. And that time was a very sexist, xenophobic, irrationally religious time. They were called the Dark Ages, not the ‘Everyone is happy and everything is great’ ages.


  3. Just to clarify but the dark age period was (476–800 CE) when there was no Roman (or Holy Roman) emperor in the West. This game is set into the mid to late middle age period of 1403 A.D.


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