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Dracula Untold Review

Dracula Untold Review

There may have been a very good reason this Dracula’s story was untold. It’s just a shame it didn’t remain that way.

This movie should really have been titled Edward Untold as it is just an obvious attempt to take an established character and turn him into a swooning icon for the twenty-something audience who grew up with the Twilight series, with a slight attempt to also turn into a Dark Knight franchise ripoff as well.

Dracula here is a handsome, noble king, with a beautiful blond haired wife just trying to keep his people fat and happy. One day his kingdom is overrun by a horde of Turks, and the only way to stop those assholes from taking over is to make a deal with this old vampire dude.

It’s a strange deal, as the king is given super ass-kicking vamp powers for a three day test drive. The powers will remain temporary unless he partakes of human blood, then he’s stuck with it forever. Since the movie ends with an obvious set up for a sequel, you can guess what happens.

Visually the movie isn’t half bad. Some of the battle scenes are pretty gnarly, but in a CGI-tastic kind of way. I guess I should admit I am not the target audience for this kind of thing. My wife, who is, dug it quite a bit, but please, don’t hold that against her. She’s merely a victim of the tiger beat vampire generation.

Dracula Untold gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

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