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Army of Darkness Review

Army of Darkness Review

At the end of Evil Dead 2 Ash, (who while not killing the undead demonic hordes of the world is a humble retail sales associate at S-Mart) jumped into this time vortex thingy-what-have-you or whatever and it transported him back to medieval times where he must use his cunning badassedry to help save a simple people from the evil that lurks among them. To save them, he must help them procure the ‘Book of the Dead’, the mystical entity from the previous two movies that unleashed all this hell to begin with.

I can only imagine the epic pot-smoking and BS session that inspired the premise for this movie.

That said, of course it totally freaking works because Bruce mother f’n Campbell makes it work by sheer force of personality. He’s dropping iconic one-liners less than five minutes into this bad-boy and bewildering the primitive people around him with his “boomstick” (the shotgun from part 2) and general Elvis styled swagger.

Embeth Davidtz plays Ash’s love interest in this movie, and I’ve had a giant crush on her since I was a kid, that has continued on into the present day with her work on the TV show Mad Men.

This movie is like a time traveling Indiana Jones/Mad Max flick but with cheaper special effects and a darker edge to it, and also of course more of a parody/send-up than a serious dramatic effort.

Like the other movies the down and dirty effects, done mostly with really creative and talented make-up artists and other old school trickery (No CGI here) give the movie a kind of unique charm to it, especially with the giant stop-motion skeleton army battle sequence at the end of the film.

Sam Raimi is clearly just having a ball here, and he once again produced a movie that is epic fun to watch.

Army of Darkness gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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