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Evil Dead 2 Review

Excellent Movie

Evil Dead 2 Review

Still trapped in the same cabin from part one, Ash, the sole survivor from last time out, still finds himself battling the undead. To keep things interesting a few interlopers and visitors pop up here and there, but mostly, this is Ashley’s inner-badass coming out party bay-bay.

Evil Dead 2 is the film most people think of when they think of the Evil Dead franchise in all of its gratuitous green-blood-spewing glory.

The first film was a straight up horror movie that was put over the top by awesome stylish direction by Sam Raimi, who returns here with that same eye for detail, with many great callbacks to the first film throughout.

Evil Dead part two is basically just the same premise as the first time around except with beefed up production, and played more for laughs than for screams—and that’s about all you need to know really.

Bruce Campbell really comes into his own here creating the iconic character (that he only laid the seeds for in the original) of Ash the demon slaying badass—based on the normal guy from the first film who thanks in part to his exposure to the dark side is driven insane and turned into a one-liner spitting champion of chainsaw retribution.

Everyone who has seen this movie remembers the great scene with Ash having a pro-longed battle with his own hand, (fell out of my seat laughing when it gave him the finger) which he winds up replacing with the aforementioned chainsaw before all is said and done.

Overall, this movie shows a sequel can be equal to its predecessor sometimes just by going in a different direction. It’s a risky proposition, but having a leading man with enough charisma to pull it off certainly helps.

It’s a classic in an entirely different way than the first movie and took the series into a more cartoonish, but still very groovy direction.

Evil Dead 2 gets a five out of five: EXCELLENT.

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