Halloween Resurrection
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Halloween: Resurrection Review

Halloween Resurrection Review

This is without a doubt the laziest of all the Halloween movies. Even part three, as misguided as it was, at least tried to be creative.

Halloween: Resurrection can’t be bothered with the formalities of either the franchise it represents or decent storytelling in general.

For the past half dozen or so flicks, Michael Myers sole reason for continuing on was to finish the job he started when he was just a little boy one Halloween night—murdering his entire family. Depending on which chronology we’re following that meant either stalking his half-sister Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) or his niece Jamie (recently retconned out of existence in H20).

This time around Myers, in the only actually interesting part of the movie, kills Laurie Strode in the first few minutes of the film. Her son from H20 is never mentioned—so I guess Michael is either giving him a pass or is just saving up his frequent flyer miles for a return trip out to Cali.

So now with that out of the way all that is left for Myers to do in this film, is butcher a bunch of trespassing teens wearing head strap webcams, who, as a really well thought out stunt by a publicity hound played by real life publicity hound Trya Banks, decided to crash his house for a reality web-show.

There is literally no way to see Myers as the villain here.

These assholes are invading his home, causing a ruckus, all on what is normally his busiest night of the year anyway. So to no-one’s surprise he starts hacking up these cardboard characters (not a single name of whose I bothered to remember) until he finally meets his match in a one-on-one battle with BUSTA RHYMES.

Words could not describe the seething rage I felt during that final encounter. This movie sucks. There’s some fun “kills” if you’re into that sort of thing, but as a hole, it doesn’t respect the overall franchise at all, and is basically just a cheap early version rip-off of the found footage genre to boot.

A pure piece of garbage that successfully killed the original Halloween series, until Rob Zombie came along and hooked up the jumper cables once more.

Halloween Resurrection gets a one out of five: AWFUL.

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