Halloween 6
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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Review

Halloween 6 Review

I am reviewing the director’s cut here, which is the first time I have seen it—I would like to go back and see the original theatrical now for comparison’s sake, but I’ll save that for a later review.

This is the first Halloween movie I was old enough to see as a kid, and being a young horror fan back then, I found it pretty gnarly. Now as a snot nosed grown-up I have a few issues with it—it’s a bit of a stretch for me to accept that Michael Myers could rape anyone, let alone father a child.

Also that is a very depressing end to the whole Jamie storyline from the previous two movies. No matter though since the entire three movies plus this one will be ret-conned away in H20/Resurrection.

This whole business with the druids and the curse business to me just over-complicates the simplicity of the original Halloween premise—a kid who grew up to become the embodiment of pure evil, who once a year takes to knifing people in the throat for fornicating and other various teenage offenses.

This is the final of these movies to feature the acting talents of Donald Pleasance. Pleasance here is much more inspired than he was in part five, and actually goes out on a real strong note—this was his final movie, released posthumously.

Paul Rudd plays Tommy Doyle, the kid Jamie Lee Curtis babysat in the original. He has grown up to become an obsessed chronicler of all things Michael Myers. Rudd is solid for the most part here, but makes some really hilarious faces in the scenes where he’s running away from Myers.

I did notice a few changes from the theatrical cut, including the loss of some memorable and creative kills involving farm equipment etc…. All in all though, this is a solid entry in the series

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers gets a two out of five: DECENT.

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