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Jason X Review

Jason X Review

The folks at Digital Dream Door have this movie at number 35 on their list of the 100 worst movies ever made.

In his review of this movie Roger Ebert echoes the meta qualities of a quote of one of the characters who, right before being eviscerated by a giant space vacuum screams “This sucks on so many levels!”… I have to say while I agree that yes, this movie is not good in that traditional sense of the word, for what it is (that being a ridiculous crossover genre monster movie like they used to make in the 50s and 60s), I thought it was a hoot.

The premise is pure science fiction baloney, and at no point is any of this taken seriously. Jason going crazy on a space ship is weird enough on its own, but Jason in a simulated reality of Crystal Lake (kind of like his own personal Matrix complete nymphomaniac teenagers to endlessly skewer) was an even bigger hoot, and don’t even get me started on Robo-Jason.

This movie had me in stitches the whole way through. The gore and carnage is in full effect here. Kane Hodder, in his ( as of now) final appearance in the role of Jason Voorhees gets to smash a frozen face into smithereens, impale someone onto a giant corkscrew, and even inadvertently causes the destruction of an entire freaking planet! (So much for keeping track of body counts here…)

As much flack as it gets, I just can’t hate this one. It’s a low quality movie to be sure, but it’s my kind of low quality movie, one with a sense of humor and that clearly has a certain amount of respect (deserved or not) for the series as a whole.

Oh, and the robot chick was hella-hot. I mean, definitely go in with the right frame of mind on this one. It’s freakin JASON VOORHEES IN SPACE for pete’s sake. What exactly can you expect?

Jason X gets a three out of five: SATISFYING.

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