Friday the 13th Part 9
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Friday The 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell Review

Friday the 13th Part 9 Review

This was the first movie of the series to be filmed by New Line Cinema, and boy did they take some liberties here.

Like I said in one of the earlier reviews, this was basically Friday the 13th’s version of “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch”, that being a disconnected mess that has almost no continuity with the rest of the series whatsoever (not that the previous entries were big sticklers for continuity mind you).

Although for continuity freaks, this movie is the set up to Freddy vs. Jason (which took ten years to finally come to fruition) but was ultimately followed up by Jason in space instead for some reason or another.

In this movie a lot of backstory is introduced. Jason, this entire time apparently has been body hopping (thus explaining the different looks between films) and each time one body is destroyed, the hell baby/still beating heart of Jason has to be consumed by a fresh carcus so the mayhem can continue.

In this movie, only a fellow Voorhees can kill Jason—an idea ripped off from the Halloween franchise, or perhaps it was the other way around. Not that it matters. Not to worry though, as this movie supplies Jason with a heretofore unknown sister, niece, and an infant second niece.

There is plenty of gore and carnage to go around, but not nearly enough of the classic Jason for my tastes. Just a strange, strange movie.

I applaud the bravery here to try something different, but this whole storyline just felt so contrived and wonky.

Creighton Duke was a hoot though. I would gladly watch a serial killer hunting series revolving around that guy. Also the girl who gets killed in the tent here was flat out marriage material, and for those looking for a simple dish for Halloween parties take note here, as a diner in this movie serves Goalie Mask shaped hamburgers which would be a hoot for any such occasion.

Friday The 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell gets a one out of five: AWFUL.

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