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Revolver Review

Revolver Review

Jason Statham is just getting out of prison and is bound for vengeance against Ray Liotta, who plays the big bad mob guy who screwed him over back in the day.

While in prison Statham’s character befriends two geniuses who teach him how to win at virtually any kind of confidence game in existence. While in pursuit of said vengeance though, Statham’s character winds up at the mercy of two mysterious strangers (yeah, you probably figured who they were too by now) who hold the key to helping him get the payback he wants.

I saw this movie for the first time last night on cable TV. And well, it certainly was nothing like I expected. When I see a movie full of veteran character actors like Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore, Ray Liotta, etc… and starring Jason Statham who is the modern day equivalent of Steven Seagal, except with maybe a few more facial expressions, the last thing I’m expecting is a full on psychological mind f***, but that’s exactly what this turned out to be.

From what I’ve read while doing my research for this review, this movie divided critics back in the day. When I got over my initial shock of finding out just what this movie was I found I was able to sit back and dig it for the most part.

I found the bits in the middle with the animated sequences out of nowhere a tad self indulgent on the part of director Guy Ritchie though, and the ending with Statham and Liotta’s character’s inner monologues both going beserk at the same time gave me a serious headache.

That said, I appreciate a movie that is brave enough to try something different, even if it doesn’t really work, which this one did, and it did not really work. I came in expecting a “turn your brain off” face kicking party, and wound up with a fairly intelligent movie that wound up outsmarting itself in the last half.

Revolver gets a three out of five: SATISFYING.

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