Hot Tub Time Machine 2
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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Review

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Review

Let’s be honest here. You weren’t expecting this movie to be good, and neither was I. At best we were all hoping perhaps it would be passably entertaining in that way that certain movies that you watch on basic cable at two in the morning can sometimes tend to be. But alas, no.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 could be used by John Cusack’s agent as a great “before and after” illustration of what his presence or lack thereof can mean to a film.

HTTM2 is really no more insipid or lame brained than its predecessor, but what it lacks the most is that bit of charming charisma and humanity that Cusack, and 80s icon, brought to the role.

Without him, these movies are reduced to an hour and a half long parade of gross out gags and the kind of jokes that are unfunny the first time you hear them, and border on rage inducing the fifteenth time you hear them.

At the end of the first Hot Tub Time Machine, Lou (Rob Cordry) used his knowledge of the future to set himself up as a kingpin by creating “Lougle” the search engine, and a couple of other revolutionary inventions—meanwhile leading a parallel career as an 80s glam rocker.

Now in this movie, we find his kingdom, and life is in jeopardy and so his group of friends including Craig Robinson as Nick Webber, as well as his son Jacob have to time travel into the past and/or future and fix things.

Of course things go horribly awry, both in the plot, and in the movie itself. There are a few stand-alone gags that are funny enough, but those will probably make their way to the internet by themselves, leaving you free from the burden of having to sit through this mess personally.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 gets a zero out of five: DREADFUL.

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