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Skyfall Review

Skyfall Review

Putting Bond in jeopardy right at the beginning of a movie is a device that has been used in a handful of Bond films such as You Only Live Twice, and Die Another Day.

It is an interesting way to get the story going full speed ahead, and so it does here as this movie opens up a great chase scene on top of a moving train which ends with James Bond presumed dead, and the person he was chasing making off with very sensitive data which puts secret assets the world over in perilous danger.

Now can a seemingly off the wagon, and alcoholic James Bond reform himself and save the day? Need I even pretend to make you ask.

Skyfall is the best James Bond movie to come down the pike since the noted days of Sean Connery.

Daniel Craig, this being his third movie in the role, not only has the presence and charisma from the first two movies, but now he has intangible comfort in the role, where he just feels completely at home.

Sam Mendes deserves a lot of credit as well, after the disappointment that was Quantum of Solace, Mendes took the series back to the basics.

In a way, Skyfall is kind of a reboot of a reboot, as for the first time in quite a while we get the return of the characters of Q and Moneypenney, although not in their traditional appearance mind you. We also get a very enjoyable villain in Silva, played with relish Javier Bardem, an actor who was put on this earth to portray great villains.

Judi Dench also has her strongest work of the series here, as her character is a big part of the story this time instead of just a background piece of the mechanics which set Bond’s little adventure into motion as usual.

All in all, this movie is a hoot. The locations are stunning, the action is great, the sarcasm and humor are all back. This is how Bond should’ve always been, and should always be.

Skyfall gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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