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Reindeer Games Review

Reindeer Games Review

This is one of my favorite horrible movies. It has every bad movie cliché in the book, a ton of gnarly character actors, questionable acting, awful writing, pointless plot twists galore etc, and is centered around a bunch of guys dressed like Santa trying to rob a casino. What’s not to like?

To attempt to explain the plot in full with all the spoilers would be quite the pain in the arse, but here’s the short version.

Ben Affleck’s character is a car thief named Rudy (yes, Rudy, in a movie called Reindeer Games) who is serving time with a guy who used to work at this Casino in the middle of B.F.E and fills his head with stories about said Casino, and also, about this really really hot girl (Scarlett Johansen) that he’s got waiting for him when he gets out, who I should mention he met through an online pen pals type deal.

Now, because “it’s a movie” Rudy’s friend winds up getting taken out on the inside just before Rudy’s own release, and again because of the aforementioned rule, Rudy decides to impersonate his friend on the outside so he can bang his girl. Except said girl also happens to (maybe) be the brother of the world’s most sinister trucker played by Gary Sinise who takes him prisoner and makes him use his info to help him and his gang, including Isaac Hayes, Danny Trejo and other “Hey look, it’s THAT guy!” peeps rob the aforementioned casino.

This movie has a new plot twist about every fifteen minutes. There’s talking villains all over the place, betrayals, swerves etc, all at the expense of a cohesive story, but that being said, I’ve always had a soft spot in my old ticker for this lousy flick, and not just because Scarlett goes topless either.

It’s one of my holiday favorites that I normally rewatch every December. Don’t ask me why, but I thought it made a good pick today for a little Christmas in July.

Reindeer Games gets a two out of five: DECENT.

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