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Seven Review

Seven Review

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play detectives in a city that never stops raining in this modern neo-noir classic. Pitt is young and aggressive here, and wants to barrel through the boring minutia of every day police work. Morgan Freeman however, is the picture of patience, pouring over evidence night after night, sometimes falling asleep at the local library.

They are on the hunt after a  seriously deranged serial killer who appears to be using the “Seven Deadly Sins” as his inspiration, as each victim they find has been set up in grotesque manners to show exactly how they died.

For instance a fat man is found dead with his face in a bowl of soup, and a really vain woman has all of her skin removed. This is all the meat and bones of the story, but the style and pacing here is what makes this work.

This movie was directed in a style that would have made the late Alfred Hitchcock proud, with suspense keeping up throughout and a reveal at the end that will just absolutely gut you. I won’t spoil it, but I probably don’t have to. Hell, there’s even another very important actor in this movie, who if I named him would be kind of a spoiler so once again, no going there either.

A lot of people list Fight Club as Brad Pitt’s best movie from the 90s, for me, it is this film. They are both great, but this movie is definitely more in my wheelhouse in terms of gritty noir/tough detective movies.

If you haven’t seen this one, stop reading this right now and go find it

Seven gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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