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It’s Good to be The King: The Jerry Lawler Story Review

WWE It's Good to be King Review

I have been a wrestling fan all of my life, which I will allow you all to judge me for as much as you desire. At this point it is just something I’m afraid I’m stuck with. Anyway, I enjoy wrestling documentaries, and when it comes to high quality productions, WWE makes the best you will find in terms of production value.

That said, there is a drawback with WWE productions. Since they became the Walmart of wrestling and consolidated all former major North American promotions under their banner, their telling of history is always suspect, which becomes mostly noticeable on larger pieces such as the Monday Night Wars deal or the 50 Years of WWE historical documentary.

Individual biographies are normally a little better here, but this one here bother me in this respect. Jerry Lawler was a major wrestling star in the Memphis territory for three decades. He has also been an announcer for WWE two decades, as well as an occasional “performer” (WWE talk for wrestler).

This documentary glosses over so much of his Memphis history that someone buying this strictly for that would be sorely disappointed. There’s nothing untrue here, but there’s nothing about the epic rivalries he had with so many of the wrestlers who stepped into the Memphis territory including Bill Dundee, Austin Idol, Randy Savage etc… Omitting this and then including his WWE feud with The Miz in the main bio just made me shake my head.

I liked the presentation style of this disc, and enjoyed everything that was here, but speaking for the main body, (I have not seen the extras yet) what’s not here greatly overshadows what is.

The Paul Heyman disc remains the undisputed champion of WWE produced biographies.

It’s Good to be The King gets a two out of five: DECENT.

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