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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown Review

Death Wish 4 Review

Paul Kersey is headed west, again for the fourth installment of the Death Wish series. This time around there is a bit more plot, but still just as much action including what is admittedly a pretty awesome finale involving a bazooka.

That said, Bronson really started looking to old and worn out for the part by this time and obviously could not have given a shit about this movie.

This movie tries to be like a 1980s version of “Fistful of Dollars” (or Yojimbo). Kersey (Charles Bronson), now a well established vigilante badass, is drawn back into the seedy criminal world of Los Angeles when the daughter of his new love interest, Karen (Kay Lenz), overdoses on crack cocaine and bites the big one.

Now obsessed once again with justice and getting a bit of a financial boost by a local Newspaper editor looking to make a few headlines of his own, Kersey goes after the gangs that supplied the crack, pitting two of them against each other, and also occasionally just shooting them in the face personally.

This a middle of the road level installment of the Death Wish series. It has nowhere near the outlandish charm of the third installment, or the over the top fun (although there is some to be sure) nor does it have the gritty realistic flavor that the first movie in the series possessed. It just sort of exists somewhere in the middle.

If you are looking to complete the series go ahead and watch it, otherwise, this is a movie that can be easily skipped. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Paul.

Death Wish 4 gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

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