The Terminal
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The Terminal Review

The Terminal Review

Tom Hanks is one of the biggest box office stars of all time, so it is usually worth taking note of which of his movies don’t become huge smash hits. A month or so back I reviewed such a movie with Larry Crowne, and here today we have another in The Terminal.

This movie has Hanks playing a man from the fictional nation of Krakozhia who becomes stuck in an airport indefinitely when his home nation falls in a military coup. With him being a citizen of nowhere, he becomes basically a prisoner in the airport, but is pretty much free to roam said airport as he pleases.

This is a cute little movie. Hanks character gets into a game of one upsmanship with the Airport’s middle management who see his being stuck there a major embarrassment to their job performance. Along the way he makes friends with the lower level staff, helping construction crews (with high quality work), janitors etc, and he even develops a budding romance with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Hanks accent in this movie is indistinctly Eastern European and I found that he did a good enough job most of the time to make me forget he was actually Tom Hanks, in contrast to John Travolta’s atrocious accent as a supposed Serbian soldier in “Killing Season”.

This is far from Hank’s best work, but it is definitely a better movie than it gets credit for, and one well worth watching on a rainy day, or stuck on a long flight.

The Terminal gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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