True Lies
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True Lies Review

True Lies Review

I don’t know if this is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best action movie, but I believe it may be my personal favorite. This is a good example of a very smart dumb movie.

Arnold plays an American version of James Bond by night, and a normal loving boring husband by day, to his wife played by the smoking hot at the time Jamie Lee Curtis. Arnold’s sidekick here is played capably by Tom Arnold in one of the few parts he’s made me not want to punch him in the face for.

The story is beside the point. It’s the usual terrorists and a huge nuke going to blow up some interchangeable US City unless they receive some ungodly amount of money. What makes this one work is the audacity and style of the movie, and also a good dose of sex appeal provided by the aforementioned Curtis and also the lovely Tia Carrere.

Also, Bill Paxton nearly steals the movie with his hilarious performance as a used car salesman who gets his jollies seducing bored housewives by pretending to be a secret agent. A scene with him and Arnold testing out on his faster model vehicles goes about the way you’d suspect, but that’s only the beginning of the fun.

There’s a whole lot to love here in terms of ridiculous action including an extended automobile chase scene with Arnold on a police horse attempting to jump off a skyscraper, and a grand finale with a terrorist taking an “Dr. Strangelove” ride off of an active missile to meet his just deserts.

Arnold has never looked classier, had better comic timing, or better people to work with than he had here. While this is not quite as iconic some of his other stuff, this for me, is one of his most fun outings for sure.

True Lies gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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