The Dead Pool
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The Dead Pool Review

The Dead Pool Review

It had completely escaped my memory that both Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey (in yes, their only movie together) appeared in the fifth and final installment of the Dirty Harry franchise known as “The Dead Pool”. Those are two of my favorite actors for very different reasons, and if any modern actor was going to take over the mantle of Dirty Harry right now Neeson would definitely be it, although at the time of this movie, he was a few decades away from becoming the future action star legend from the “Taken” movies.

Carrey plays a rock star known as Johnny Squares who lip synchs to Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” in a music video being directed by Peter Swan (Neeson) shortly before he is murdered on the set. His murder is the first a series that is tied to a list known as the Dead Pool.

Also on this list is of course, Harry Callahan. This is the silliest of all the Dirty Harry movies, but I find I enjoy It slightly more than Sudden Impact. This movie has a few stumbling here and there.

“You’re shit outta luck” does not quite roll off the tongue quite like “Make my day” despite Eastwood’s best attempts.

There is also one of the most eye roll worthy scenes of the series here, which later wound up appearing in a Grand Theft Auto video game where Eastwood and his partner have a car chase with a TOY CAR filled with explosives over the rolling hills of San Francisco.

It is definitely a hilarious scene to watch, but when Dirty Harry movies get to the point where Harry Callahan is running from children’s toys, you know it’s time to wrap up the series.

The Dead Pool gets a two out of five: DECENT.

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