Ready to Rumble
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Ready to Rumble Review

Ready to Rumble Review

If the people who ran World Wrestling Entertainment were as inept at what they do as the producers of this movie were at making a comedy, that form of entertainment would have went out of business decades ago.

Ready to Rumble is a wrestling movie produced in conjunction with a wrestling company, that did in fact go out of business from being that inept, and this movie while not a major moment, was definitely a bump in the road to their eventual demise, especially considering the star of this movie was actually booked to be the WCW world champion for a couple of weeks.

The movie has no respect for wrestling, its fans, and apparently people in general, because everyone in this movie is a one dimensional goofball.

The two main characters (David Arquette and Sean Dawkins), the stereotypical wrestling fans, work by day as sewage truck drivers, (hardee har har) and take it upon themselves to convince their favorite wrestling legend ‘The King’ (Oliver Platt—who looks about as convincing as a wrestler in this movie as David Arquette did in real life…) to come out of retirement for one more match.

As a movie lover and a wrestling fan, rarely have I ever been so thoroughly repelled by a piece of filmmaking.

From the dialogue, to the directing, to the acting, everything about this movie sucks. I would recommend it only if you are in the mood for a few laughs at a really bad movie, or are interested in the many actual wrestling cameos sprinkled throughout.

I give this movie one lone star for early 2000s Rose McGowan being smoking hot, which as a fan of redheads (I even married one) I greatly appreciated.

Ready to Rumble gets a one out of five: BAD.

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