Swamp Thing
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Swamp Thing Review

Swamp Thing Review

Way down in the swamps of Louisiana, Dr. Alec Holland (and his sister) has created a top-secret a secret formula that gives both plants/animals (and humans) that touch it the ability to survive in extreme conditions. It basically takes whatever the core essence of the thing it touches and makes that their super power.

Alice, a government agent sent to investigate this process, shows up right when Holland is perfecting his formula, and of course, starts falling in love with him. All this is just in time for a secret paramilitary group led by the evil Dr. Arcane to swarm the place and set up the inevitable accident that turns mild mannered Dr. Holland into his new alter-ego SWAMP THING.

Swamp Thing is basically like Chuck Norris covered in green sludge and leaves. Not somebody to be messed with.

This movie combines the modern DC comics style of action movies with the old 50s b-movie genre, and it actually works pretty well. This was an directed by Wes Craven (Last House on the Left, Nightmare on Elm Street) and from I have seen of his work I would say this is among the wackiest of all his films.

Unlike other Craven films, this is not really a horror movie as much as it is a comedy exploitation movie and a rubber suit monster movie.

Aside from the lead villain, who is full on Dr. Evil (including the title) most of the acting is low key.

Adrienne Barbeau exists in this movie to occasionally run into danger in such a way as to always display her breasts in the most distracting way possible.

Don’t expect a lot from this one, but if you’re into 80s camp, you could do a lot worse.

Swamp Thing gets a three out of five: SATISFYING.

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