Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Review

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Review

Some movies are defined by the age you were when you first saw them. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is just such a movie for me.

As a young squire I was blissfully unaware of how absurd it was that Christian Slater and Kevin Costner were portraying classic British legends. I just thought they were cool movie heroes, and I find, I am able to reconnect with those feelings when I re-watch this.

On a side note, has Morgan Freeman had one of the longest careers in the niche spot of the “aged character actor” that I can recall. I know it has to exist, but I have yet to see him look younger than fifty years old in any movie I have seen him in.

Anyway this movie is a ridiculously 90s version of the classic Robin Hood story, featuring the bad guy from Die Hard (the wonderful Alan Rickman) as the Evil Sherriff, the aforementioned Freeman as a black Muslim character displaced by the crusades who becomes one of Robin’s (Kevin Costner) most trusted allies as he joins forces with the local forest dwelling population to wage a war of thievery and retribution upon the greedy and oppressive overseers who have taken power in the absence of King Richard (a great cameo appearance by Sean Connery)…

No it’s not a traditionally good movie, or a historically accurate one compared to the modern Russell Crowe version, nor is it a Disney style adventure like the classic one from the 30s/40s, but this is the Robin Hood I grew up on, and it is one I still enjoy whenever it pops up on my television. I mean, the one liners alone are reason enough to give it a chance.

Rickman’s character at one point even threatens to “Cancel Christmas!” Ah, such goofy guilty pleasure fun….

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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