New Super Luigi U
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New Super Luigi U Review

New Super Luigi U Review

New Super Luigi U is basically a rehash of New Super Mario Bros U (it originated as DLC for the Mario game), so I’ll be limiting this to a quick look over instead of a full-fledged review. So without further adieu, let’s get this mini show on the road.

I can’t remember off hand if we had a review for Super Mario Bros U, but I don’t think we did. Mario had the best graphics I had ever seen in a Nintendo game to that point, and perhaps still does (LEGO City Undercover does make a case), and as expected, Luigi is up to that level. There’s just something satisfying about playing Super Mario games in hi-definition.

The game sounds good, music and sound effects. As you would expect from a game in the Super Mario universe, not a lot of voice acting.

New Super Luigi U Screenshot 01

Bowser has once again captured the Princess, and only the powerful Italian plumber brothers can stop him. Or in this case, the less popular of the two brothers. That must be one fantastic piece of ass. Seriously, why else would two plumbers and an angry turtle keep going after this woman?

The gameplay is nothing groundbreaking, it’s a Super Mario game. You run around, beat your head on various blocks, and curb stomp most of your enemies. Same song and dance as most every other Mario game. Difference here with the Luigi version, each level has a shorter time limit of 100 seconds.

New Super Luigi U has great graphics and is a typical fun Mario platformer. Maybe not a game you could sit and play for hours on end, but for a quick burst of playing or with friends at a get together, it definitely gets the job done.

There’s nothing really bad, but nothing Earth shattering either. Guess the worst part is that it’s pretty much the same game as Mario, just with shorter time limits.

New Super Luigi U Screenshot 02

As I said before, this is just a quick look. New Super Luigi U is a solid game, but again, is just a rehash of New Super Mario Bros U. Different verse, same song more or less.

Luckily, you can get this game for a discounted price from a standard retail release, but even so, I might recommend waiting for a price drop, especially if you already own the Mario version. With everything in mind, I can’t go over three stars for this game.

Yes, it’s a lot of fun, and looks good, but I can not specify enough that is is a rehash of the Mario version of the game that came out almost a year ago with the Wii U launch.

New Super Luigi U gets a three out of five: SATISFYING.

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