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Soul Sacrifice Review

Soul Sacrifice Review

Well, I’ve had yet another ordeal getting to this point with Soul Sacrifice. My Gamestop claimed their shipment hadn’t come in, so I didn’t pick up the game on the release date. I went back two days later, and the guy working said it had come in prior to the release date because he was there when it came in. I can already hear Gary telling me this is why he doesn’t go to Gamestop.

Beyond that, I’ve been really busy at work lately, so this might be a bit shorter than most of my other reviews. I think it will work out pretty well though, so let’s get started.

Soul Sacrifice’s graphics are pretty solid. Not the best I’ve seen on the Vita (Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation and Uncharted: Golden Abyss take top that category), but still well done and even better than some console games.

Audio is pretty solid too. Most of the voice acting is from the Narrator and from Librom, the talking book, and is very well done. The script is well written and progresses the story and characters very effectively. The voice of the Narrator really carries this section of it for me though. It just adds a little something to the overall enjoyment of the game, at least in my opinion.

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As the story begins, our character wakes up in a crude looking cell made of bones across from another cell containing another captive. We look on in shock/horror/amazement as the other captive is consumed by a powerful sorcerer named Magusar. After the consumption of your neighbor, one thing becomes apparent: you’re next.

After this, we meet the talking book, Librom. Librom is the journal of sorcerer quests, telling the story and gaining you power, new spells and new equipment. Along with increasing your own sorcery expertise, the journal is your only hope to learning a way to defeat Magusar and gain your freedom. The only other option is to accept your fate and become lunch.

For all sorcery and arming yourself with spells, the game still features button mashing combat aspects. Prior to each mission, you can select six powers to use in that mission, and during the mission, each of those powers can be used until the power for each is drained.

The enemies in each mission, once defeated, can be saved or sacrificed. Saving rewards you by building up your health and defense and leads you towards the path of the divine sorcerer, while sacrificing the fallen builds up your magic and attack power, and brings you closer to being an evil bastard. Or you can split up your saves and sacrifices and try to stay in the middle of the road. As you build up saves or sacrifices, you can acquire sigils that enhance abilities.

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 02

This is a pretty good game overall, but the best aspect to me is the story. It doesn’t seem that way at first. As you might expect, a game about sorcery is rather far fetched. But the game does an excellent job of presenting the tale in a format that draws us in.

Not really a lot of bad here, but aside from a story that draws you in and a few interesting ways in doing some things, there seems to be a little something missing from Soul Sacrifice, at least in my time spent with the game. For all the good, the button mashing combat seems somewhat beneath what this game was aspiring to be, and thus, pulls it down a tad.

This is a very solid game and well worth checking out if you own a Vita and are looking for something a little different. If you find yourself with limited time to play, it is also a game that can be played in 10-15 minute bursts, as most missions I played could be completed in such time frames or less.

Soul Sacrifice gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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    • Thanks Eric. It’s hard to find some good Vita titles sometimes with all the press the main consoles get, and honestly I can’t remember how I heard about this one to start(probably an Amazon suggestion). Really looking forward to Killzone Mercenaries later this year, and I saw in Game Informer that the Batman prequel is getting a separate Vita title as well.


      • Yeah, Killzone and Batman look intriguing, and I’m curious about Tearaway, Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa Rebirth as well. I’m half-tempted to pick up some of the upcoming indie games that I already have on PC, too, like Hotline Miami and Lone Survivor, just so I can have them on the go. It’s kind of sad how the Vita gets skimmed over more often than not, but there’s a lot of potential in that little handheld.


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