The Pacifier
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The Pacifier Review

The Pacifier Review

Vin, Vin, Vin, Vin. What were you thinking? You’re an action guy. You blow shit up. It’s all good to try and do comedy, because comedy kicks ass, but…this was…not good.

Diesel stars as Lt. Shane Wolfe, a Navy SEAL trained to fight in the most dangerous and impossible situations known to man. So imagine his surprise when he is told he must “baby-sit” the five children of a recently assassinated scientist, who had developed a program to scramble missile launch codes or something(he must also try to locate the program).

Naturally, some humor ensues, but not nearly enough, nor was it of good quality. Most of it was unintentional humor, and that’s not usually a good thing.

Oh brother. This easily gets 1 star. I would tap the keg, but there were some moments of cheesy humor, and anything that makes me laugh out loud more than once can’t be of utterly horrible status.

The acting was pretty bad in most spots, but that’s likely a result of what seemed to be a pretty bad script(it’s Disney, go figure). Maybe it didn’t help that I had seen this movie before. The year was 1993, and the film was called Mr. Nanny. It was funnier then, but still not great. If you must see a flick about an out of place, over his head babysitter, I recommend the Hogan version.

The Pacifier gets a one out of five: BAD.

2 thoughts on “The Pacifier Review”

  1. Probably the only time anyone will ever be able to recommend a Hulk Hogan movie over a Vin Diesel movie. Still though, I used to watch Mr. Nanny all the time as kid. I think I just liked it because I was a wrestling nut and it had a lot of wrestlers in it. Certainly wasn’t because of Hogan’s non-existing acting abilities.

    As for The Pacifier, yeah it sucks big time. Never again Vin, never again.


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